Estate Sale Services

Estate Sale Coordination

Estate SaleWhether you are downsizing, preparing for life in a new home, going through a divorce, or settling the estate of a loved one who has passed, stress is the common factor. What do you do when you simply can’t take on one more task? How do you make sure the Estate or Content Sale you are going to have is a success? You call a the Main Line, Delaware Valley and Philadelphia’s premier professional Estate and Content SaleCoordinator.

 Changing Homes by Sue, provides professional Estate Sale/Home Contents Sale Coordination on the Main Line, around the Delaware Valley and Philadelphia areas. We realize that each sale is different and unique. We create beautiful sales for our clients in order to reap the highest dollar value possible on the contents that you no longer need or want. At Changing Homes By Sue, there is no cookie cutter approach, but instead, high end, concierge style service.



Estate Sales Begin With Changing Homes

Our process begins with a visit to your property to assess those items you wish to sell.

Likely, the biggest factor that sets us apart and makes our sales successful is our marketing. From the moment we begin coordinating a sale, we begin marketing for your sale. We use online and social media tools, print ads, and directional signs to help you achieve your goals, and maximize the number of potential buyers who attend your sale. 

Our extensive network of contacts, resources, and tools, ensure the sale goes off without a hitch, leaving you to handle other important and less stressful details. 

Estate Sale Process

Smart Marketing That Works!

Once we are the chosen coordinators we begin marketing your sale. The more time we have, the better. Optimally 1 month in advance of the sale. We photograph your merchandise and create an email flyer announcing the sale, and save the date to our proprietary list of sale followers. The sale will be announced on all relevant online venues to capture the interest of sale goers. The list goes on…. we don’t stop marketing and updating the listing, we continue this process through the sale days. No worries finding the sale, or generating additional traffic on sale days as we have our signage throughout the area directing people to the site.

Setting The Stage

Don’t worry about throwing items away, As the old adage goes, one person’s junk is another’s treasure. Our team will sort, clean items as needed, research items for value, merchandise the property for the greatest visual appeal and to handle traffic flow, as well as tag all items with baseline pricing.

Set-up is generally 2-3 days prior to the sale.


Ready, Set, SELL!

Sales get the best results when held over a weekend. Depending on the size of the home and the amount of inventory will determine the length of the sale. Most of our sales are 2 or 3 days. Sales begin at 9AM and are advertised until 3PM but have no worries, we stay until everyone is gone- we want to do as much business we can!


After Sale Services

We can arrange for:

  • Delivery to consignment, donation and auction as needed.
  • The final clean out,
  • Cleaning of the property and leave it in broom swept condition ready for the settlement.

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